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Welcome to the Family, future Warrior

I'm Sarah Breault. Lovely to make your acquaintance. I live with my husband, Jeff, our twin IVF miracles, Ryan and Emma, and our dog, Gracie, in Greenville, South Carolina. I have done the gym thing, the home-workout thing, the personal trainer thing, the group fitness thing, the nutrition thing... you name it, if it's healthy and legal, I've done it. Doing it the right way has became my passion, and here I am, trying to pay it forward. I teach group fitness, counsel and train clients one-on-one, host small group sessions and everything in between. Join me, and together we can open all kinds of doors for you, no matter the goal.

The credentials:

  • Degree in Public Relations, minor in Journalism from Capital University in Columbus, OH

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist

  • ACE Certified Weight Loss Specialist

  • ACE Certification in Working with Specialty Populations 

  • Certified instructor for Les Mills, Beachbody LIVE, Stages Cycling, TRX

  • High School Health and PE Teacher

Important details:

  • I live a plant-based lifestyle. I don't require that of my clients, but I do encourage it.

  • I drink a superfood shake every single day. I don't require that of my clients either.

  • I'm not here to sell you stuff. Yes, there are products in which I believe, but I'll only tell you about them if you ask. 

  • I am sarcastic and don't let things get too serious unless it's warranted, so you'll need a sense of humor if you want to work with me.

  • I sing in the car at the top of my lungs, and I love to laugh until it hurts. Oh, and I love a good cuss word.

My fitness timeline:

  • Suffered major soccer-career-ending leg injury in college, rehabbed but could never play again (26 years ended in an instant) -- Started gaining weight as a result of no longer training. Continued gaining weight after several emotional traumas, including the death of my beloved grandparents and the end of my engagement to my college sweetheart. 

  • Decided to do something about the weight gain after my aforementioned former college sweetheart called me fat and disgusting while calling off our wedding. Lost 30 pounds. Felt great. Immediately stopped working out.

  • Eventually met and married my husband--stopped caring about what I ate. Got too comfortable. The weight I'd lost came back, as did another 70 pounds. 

  • Max weight -- 265 pounds. Unsure what to do, started working with a personal trainer and doing at-home workouts.

  • January 2012 -- discovered Les Mills BODYCOMBAT via their at-home partnership with Beachbody, LLC (they launched COMBAT for at-home fitness folks). Lost 60+ pounds.

  • Continued exercising as we moved to Greenville, SC in late 2013. Lost 115 points and 65+ inches.

  • Turned my own fitness journey into a career. Started teaching classes at the YMCAs in town. Became a personal trainer. Began to rack up additional certifications.

  • Started teaching high school Health & PE at a public charter school. Realized how little our children really know about what being healthy means.

  • After 8 years of fertility struggles including all of the drugs, 3 failed IUIs and 1 failed round of IVF, finally got pregnant via a second try at IVF.

  • Gained 50 pounds during pregnancy. Gave birth to my twins, Ryan and Emma, in June 2019. Immediately hit with a wave of postpartum depression.

  • Started the journey back to my most-fit self in July 2019.




You can read more about my credentials in the Meet Sarah section of this page. I am a nationally accredited personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I also lead and mentor those who are trying to build a career in fitness or in wellness coaching.

I offer individual or small group personal training sessions as well as sport-specific training, weight-loss management, nutrition coaching and more. I also run monthly fitness and nutrition accountability groups and challenges. To reserve your spot in my next group, or to request a consultation, please fill out the
Contact Me form.

To see my Group Fitness schedule and attend a live class, please go to and view the group fitness schedule for the Eastside Family YMCA (located in Taylors, SC).
I also offer Virtual Fitness Classes. Information is available here.




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