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Why ZOOM? The answer is really about practicality. ZOOM is available to the widest audience, doesn't require a specific kind of account for participants and has an easy format to understand. Plus, I bet those of you working from home or who had kids doing school at home have attended at least one ZOOM meeting already, right? 

Cost: Sunday classes are FREE; All other classes are $5 per class, payable via PayPal (a credit/debit option is also available at checkout)

All classes are password protected. The password will be provided to you no fewer than 30 minutes prior to the start of the class and will change after each class. Each class is about 40 minutes long, but I will often email out and post bonus material that you can do on your own, free of charge.


Personal Training: I offer individualized personal training and nutritional consulting in 30 minute sessions. Each session is priced at $20, which is well below the average rate for personal training or nutrition consulting. My goal is to help the most people, not to make the most money. I also offer personal training and small group training, in-person or through Zoom, for $10 per person per session (small groups) [the rate for virtual personal training is the same as in-person training].  For scheduling information, please fill out the Contact Me form.

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